Since TopOfGames messed up badly with its new Update and other Toplist websites are not related to KalOnline enough, we came up with the idea to create our own TopSite Website. No Bans because your server is good, no Vote Bots (they will be detected and their votes will be resetted). And a supporting Mail adress, which responds within a few hours. (not like the “None-Support” times from topofgames). SSL Protected to make sure nobody can get his Hands on your Information and to Show that we do this serious.

    Click to visit MMO-RANK

  • PK PWD Protection

    Are you bored from others to steal your work, abusing your configs, editing them to use glitches or releasing your pk pwd on hack forums? Now you have chance to protect your configs and their password. For more info contact me via skype (o_kta_y).

  • Core 2016 Release

    Releasing 2016 core add-on. It is completly free and without player limitation. There is no license and backdoor. You can use it without internet connection. It is stable and newer then what other peoples are trying to re-sell. They will say my files more stable etc it is bullshit! There will be no support for the files, do not bother me for fixes or updates!



  • 2017 Add-On

    2017 add-on is avalible to purchase. Price is 500 euro for 2017 add-on without shaman. Easy to implament onto 2016 add-on (without server reset). For more info contact me via skype (o_kta_y).

  • Shop Add-On

    Possible to create unlimited shops and players. In total 65 shops simulated in the video. For more info contact me via skype (o_kta_y).

  • 2016 Source Code

    Purchase price is 1000 euro for 2016 source codes. It include core.dll (2016) and engine.dll (2016) sources. Sources are ready to compile. There will be no support or code helping for sources. For purchasing add me to skype o_kta_y or click skype icon to start chat.